eat better, not less

did you know that losing weight is
80% healthy eating and 20% exercise?

Healthy Eating 80%
Exercise 20%

we don't do diets!

We keep trying the revolutionary stuff, but all you lose is interest. There’s no need for a revolution: we only need to do what we should do.

Here, we don’t do diets. We do healthy lifestyle! A healthy lifestyle is a timeless process. Commit yourself, be patient with yourself and enjoy the journey.

By putting into practice all that you learn throughout this program, I guarantee you not only the weight intended for you, but a happy heart, a healthy mind and a wholesome body. And trust me, you’ll stay there!

~ about me ~

I am Nawaal: mother, nana, friend and lifestyle coach. Everything I know is everything I have experienced , am still experiencing, have learned and am still learning. I believe in two things: 

  1. Individuality – no two people are the same and should not be treated as such.
  2. Eating for enjoyment and of course, taste. 

sideplates is my home and it’s yours too. I’m committed to your health, your emotions and your habits. It won’t be long until you start seeing my face and hearing my voice every time you’re faced with food!

sideplates meetings

So much has changed since Covid-19, so please contact me directly via email at to chat about how I can best help you on your journey to a healthier and happier you! 🙂 

sideplates meetings

group meeting

Our group meeting in Plumstead is fun, visual and interactive and plays a huge role in the consistency of your eating journey.


Perhaps you cannot make a group meeting or prefer more personal coaching and advice. In that case, this one's for you.

now that you know a little more about me and what I do,
do you want to...

find out how it works and how much it costs?

view some of my favourite quotes, articles and recipes?

get in touch with any questions?

Jenny says...
"Having been to other weight loss groups, sideplates is definitely tops. It also makes a huge difference when the leader goes out of her way to assist the members."
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Ronelle says...
"Nawaal is encouraging and supportive to the group, while understanding and working with each person as an individual."
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Martin says...
"Why I chose sideplates: Nawaal's talks, tips and tricks; group meetings are non-threatening and people are friendly; always learning new things to apply; easier sticking to a program knowing there are others on the same journey to shed some kg's."
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Ulla says...
"group meetings provide a safe space in which members are able to share in one another's trials as well as the pretty regular triumphs. Apart from that, there is always much to ensure the hearty belly-laughs that are said to be the healthiest of all!"
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Carol says...
"Nawaal is the best. She is consistent, motivational, understanding and supportive. She is passionate about our success even though she's skinny!"
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Marilyn says...
"Nawaal inspires me. Her enthusiasm, warmth, caring, concern and inspiration are the reason that I love coming to her group meetings every week. I really look forward to her lessons and have already learned so much. Her zest for life is contagious!"
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Toni says...
"I have been to so many weight loss class but this has been the best one. The motivation, friendly bunch and inspiration from all its' members is why I look forward to them each week."
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Lynne syays
Lynne says...
"I finally understand why I'm not losing the weight I'm supposed to. I FINALLY understand serving sizes. It was a real eye opener!"
Lynne syays
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get in touch

COVID-19 notice: Please email directly to chat about how best I can help you. We are not meeting in person at the moment, but support and guidance in your healthy lifestyle journey is still 100% here! 🙂 


Mondays | 16:30 - 17:30 | Methodist Church, 5 Brenda Road, Plumstead, Cape Town, 7801

See you there! 🙂