food for thought

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can you spot the difference?

Very often the food choices we make is what’s keeping us back from healthy living. 

calorie comparison

choosing between common foods

macadamia nuts vs. avocado

The nuts almost always seem to be the better option than half an avo. But when you take a closer look, more seems to be less in this case. 

choose your carbs wisely

milk chocolate vs. dark chocolate


can you relate?

I simply love how @MeowMeix (Instagram) has put these together. You may be eating healthy foods but your portion sizes are still far too big. Why would you put 20 litres of petrol in your car when the tank only needs/consumes 15 litres?

choose your calories wisely

@caloriefixes on Instagram shows us how we could be making better decisions with the food we choose to eat. Yes, you can eat anything you want, but is it helping your body? Is it feeding your body with the nutrition that it needs?

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